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A Father’s day special: brunch at Garfish with my Dad. Plus a big happy Father’s Day to all my favourite fathers!

My Dad is in Innamincka today, having a Father’s day barbeque. I’m jealous and I wish I was going to be there later this afternoon to share a steak with him and his travelling companion (Uncle B) with Mum and Mr L, the GFD, my SIL, the super neph and the rest of our family. In their absence and in honour of Father’s day, I’ve decided to tell you about a day that my Dad and I had together a few weeks ago. It took us a while, but we ended up at Garfish at Kirribilli – and we were more than pleased with the result, despite the challenges we faced before getting there!


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A birthday bite to remember at Oscillate Wildly, Newtown for Mr L and moi

I had read that Oscillate Wildly, the one hatted restaurant in Newtown was generally booked out for two months in advance, so I knew it was a long shot when I phoned last Wednesday hoping for a table. I spoke with Adrian, the friendly-voiced fellow on the other end of the phone and said “Hello Adrian, I know it’s an incredibly ridiculous long shot, but is there any chance at all that you might have a table for two available this Friday night?” The response was “No”, followed by “But we did have a cancellation a moment ago for a table for two. We do have two other couples on the wait list for that table, but I’ll phone them, then phone you back, okay?” Absolutely!

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A gorgeous gluten free quiche – mostly thanks to

During Mr L’s birthday week we went overboard with bad food. This week we’re back on track, and being my father’s daughter, I’ve gone completely overboard with getting back on the bandwagon.. At the beginning of the week it was declared (by myself) that we were going to eat as many home cooked meals during the week as possible! We’re off to a good start – tonight I made a quiche and not just any old wheat-laden wonder… tonight’s quiche, dear friends, was one hundred percent, bona fide, gluten free, and two thousand percent tasty!

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