A gorgeous gluten free quiche – mostly thanks to taste.com.au

September 1, 2009 at 10:57 am 2 comments

A gorgeous gluten free quiche – mostly thanks to taste.com.au 


During Mr L’s birthday week we went overboard with bad food.  This week we’re back on track, and being my father’s daughter, I’ve gone completely overboard with getting back on the bandwagon.. At the beginning of the week it was declared (by myself) that we were going to eat as many home cooked meals during the week as possible!  We’re off to a good start – tonight I made a quiche and not just any old wheat-laden wonder… tonight’s quiche, dear friends, was one hundred percent, bona fide, gluten free, and two thousand percent tasty!

So this morning I hopped online and (after checking with Mr L that it was a suitable dinner prospect) searched for a gluten free quiche recipe.  I came across this recipe for a “Spinach, Bacon and Parmesan Quiche” on the www.taste.com.au website.  It looked good and sounded easy, so I figured I’d give it a go.

You may be surprised to know that this was my virginal foray into the world of baking quiches.  It seems that I’ve only fairly recently come to like them, so I’ve never aspired to make one before.  Naturally I had to go shopping to buy a proper quiche pan, and well… my rolling pin was in need of an upgrade too.  Per yield, I expect tonight’s quiche would have been more costly than the average, but I have been able to rationalise that the pin and pan were an investment into future quiches (or similar baked goods.)  

(I hoped fairly feverently that the meal would A) work and B) get a nod from my toughest critic. )

I am very pleased to report that the quiche was a success!  It took about two hours to make, but I feel satisfied that the effort was worth the result.  From the “oohs” and “aahs” that appreciatively ensued from the diner to my left, this cluey detective cleverly deduced that Mr L concurred with my opinion. 

Hello gorgeous!  The "perfect the way it was" (according to Mr L) quiche

Hello gorgeous! The quiche "perfect the way it was" (according to Mr L.)

I followed the taste.com.au recipe, but I also added:

  • Two cloves of garlic
  • Swiss brown mushrooms
  • Cherry tomatoes and
  • Instead of using an onion, I used leek.  Of course I seasoned it with quite a lot of pepper as well, but there wasn’t much need to add salt as the bacon (I used 200g instead of 100g) already contributed a lot of salt to the dish.

Some of the taste.com.au website message board participants had used pre made pastry (short crust or puff) for a faster result.  That is a good idea for time saving, but I must confess that my favourite part was getting my hands dirty making the pastry and the general satisfaction that I got knowing that I made a baked gluten free product from scratch that actually tasted tremendous!

The obligatory "product with piece of product missing" shot. (Cheese aside, look at that filling!)

The obligatory "product with piece of product missing" shot. (Cheese aside, look at that filling!)

We had the quiche with a very simple green salad – just mixed leaves, some shredded beetroot and carrot, apple, avocado and tomato.  Lady Flaxalot would be pleased to know that I dressed it in flax seed oil – I’ve been using it quite a lot on its own as a salad dressing and enjoying its nutty flavour.

The quiche and green salad - such a delicious combination!

The quiche and green salad - such a delicious combination!

I’ve already been rambling on to Mr L about the brilliance and versatility of the quiche and suggesting a number of different ingredients that could be substituted…  Let it be recorded that he’s stopped me in my tracks… Apparently the recipe is “perfect the way it was tonight.”  Anyway – if you do decide to make it and use different ingredients, please do let me know how it turned out?  (Sometimes one really must put one’s foot down and buck the system!) 

I must thank Mr L for the photos.  Hopefully they will please the Elder Mr L in the lead up to Fathers’ day.  Tonight’s photos were taken on Mr L’s new Canon 50D – as opposed to my flashless, inconspicuous iphone!

Deep, deep inside the quiche - what a lovely place to be.

Deep, deep inside the quiche - what a lovely place to be.

Two nights down, four to go (we’re having dinner with the fam on Saturday night)… I wonder what inspiration tomorrow will bring!  Got any ideas?  If so, send them through! 

I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you about the dinner to top all dinners that we had on Friday night at Oscillate Wildly, Newtown for Mr L’s birthday.  Mamma Mia – what a treat!

BTW – those who are still wondering about the fate of that salmon – you’ll be pleased to know we did eat it, and it was the star of that particular meal.   Hooray for you little salmon, hooray!


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A sad piece of salmon, and money well spent at Relish Noodle Star A birthday bite to remember at Oscillate Wildly, Newtown for Mr L and moi

2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Ladyflaxalot  |  September 1, 2009 at 11:39 pm

    Yum, I love quiche and this looks delicious. Well done to Ourfavouritefruit and DIL on her first attempt. Perfection.

    What did you use for your base to make it gluten free?

    • 2. myfavouritefruits  |  September 1, 2009 at 11:44 pm

      Awww thanks Ladyflaxalot! 🙂 I used Organ plain flour* – it seems to work pretty much the same as normal flour, but it can be a bit crumbly. The base held together pretty well though. Will see how it holds up throughout the course of the day today – Mr L and I are having left overs for lunch. Hopefully it holds its form.

      Looking forward to seeing you on the weekend. x

      * You can buy Organ flour in the health food section of most Coles and Woolworths stores in Australia.


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