A Father’s day special: brunch at Garfish with my Dad. Plus a big happy Father’s Day to all my favourite fathers!

September 6, 2009 at 3:13 am 1 comment

A Father’s day special: brunch at Garfish with my Dad. Plus a big happy Father’s Day to all my favourite fathers!


My Dad is in Innamincka today, having a Father’s day barbeque. I’m jealous and I wish I was going to be there later this afternoon to share a steak with him and his travelling companion (Uncle B) with Mum and Mr L, the GFD, my SIL, the super neph and the rest of our family. In their absence and in honour of Father’s day, I’ve decided to tell you about a day that my Dad and I had together a few weeks ago. 

Walking with my Dad means more burgers are possible (don’t tell Mum!)

I mentioned previously that I’ve been enjoying doing the Bay Walk recently. Going it alone is cool, but I love to walk with company. My Dad has become a top walking buddy – and recently we’ve tried to do the walk a couple of times a week. Being far more of a talker than Dad, I generally talk my way around about 6,550 metres and the remaining 450 are filled by Dad’s words or silence.  

I know you've seen it before - the avenue up to the Rozelle section of the Bay Walk

I know you've seen it before - the avenue up to the Rozelle section of the Bay Walk

On our first walking day, we discussed the concept that more walking (and calorie burning) meant that it was possible for us to eat more burgers (as we’d burn them off faster), and of course, by the time we’d made it around the 7 km circuit, had made ourselves somewhat ravenous. I’d spent much of the time chattering incessantly about recent food exploits – to the point where within his alloted 450 m of talk time, Dad said “Is there anywhere you haven’t eaten?”  (FYI – there are lots of places I haven’t eaten… Watch this space!) In particular we spoke about my love for corn fritters, with those that I’d shared with BF at Adriano Zumbo’s Balmain cafe still lingering in my mind from the weekend before. 

We resolved to find some and headed off in search of Orange Peel Cafe on Beattie Street at Balmain.  (Hey – you get hungry after a 7km walk!)

A lesson learnt – not all cafes are open on Monday mornings!

It was a Monday morning and after finding prime parking positions right near the cafe, we spirited towards it and noticed a distinct lack of buzz around the usually vibrant cafe… Seems they’re closed on a Monday. Damnit!

I suggested to Dad that we try back over my way and we headed for Thelma and Louise’s harbour front cafe at Hayes Street Wharf in Neutral Bay.  (NotQuiteNigella – I loved your post on our local cafe!)  Again – conspicuously great parking spots were easily procured and we bounced down the street towards the cafe. The front door was ajar, but inside the cafe was dark… One of the ladies that works the coffee machine was in there, but there were no diners, no aromas and I was sure the news was bad… Turns out it was. The coffee machine was broken, so they closed the cafe while they waited for the repair man to come and fix it.

My credibility was fast diminishing! Still, Dad remained enthusiastic and we pushed on, undeterred.

There was a cafe that I wanted to try near the Nandos at the corner of Clark and Kurraba Roads. We drove there to find that it too was closed! We didn’t even stop this time – I pointed the car towards Kirribilli and after a loop or two, found a spot on Broughton Street at Kirribilli and strode with purpose up the street towards the waiting cafes.

We happened upon Garfish at Kirribilli – a pleasant surprise option for a Monday brunch

It has intrigued me previously to see Garfish open so early in the morning – I thought it was only open for lunch and dinner, and mainly focused on fish. I’m very pleased to inform that I was wrong. It’s open for breakfast also, and I now know that it’s open for breakfast on Mondays – which on that particular day, was a very welcome thing! We had a quick look at the menu. There were no corn fritters, but by now our hunger had escalated to the point where we didn’t mind too much. The options sounded appealing and impressively extensive.  We found a table for two on the street in the sun.

A waitress promptly arrived and offered us drinks. We ordered coffee and water and she left us to ponder what to eat. Dad was looking at eggs benedict, and I told him that Mr L and I love to have eggs benedict with bacon instead of ham or salmon, and I always delight in adding mushrooms as a side dish. Seems I’d spoken the magic words, for Dad quickly decided to go with that. (I know Mum – I’m a bad influence… But really, bacon with eggs benedict is just so delicious, and well mushrooms are so good for you! ;-))

I love fetta and I love baby spinach. It has been suggested by Mr L that my intense love for those things can be boring, but (though he did turn his nose up at the distinct lack of meat in the meal!) Dad didn’t poke too much fun when I ordered toasted sourdough with spinach and goat’s milk fetta.

Water arrived first and was refilled regularly. Our coffees came next and didn’t last long. Then came the food.  Dad’s eggs benny arrived first with our share plate of mushies.

I told Dad to start (Prince Charles says that modern day ettiquette stipulates that one must only wait for one’s fellow diner to start if the meal is cold.  In this case, it was hot, so Dad tucked in) and made some appreciative noises  as the eggs benedict hit the palate.  I wouldn’t be surprised if his future eggs benedict orders include bacon – it appeared to hit the spot!  (Sorry Mum!)


Dad's eggs benedict with lushrooms to share at Garfish, Kirribilli

Dad's eggs benedict with lushrooms to share at Garfish, Kirribilli

My breakfast arrived and I couldn’t wait to tuck in.  Walking and driving and hunting for cafes really is hungry business.  Enough talk.  I got into it.  The sourdough was crunchy and the big chunks of fetta combined so well with the wilted spinach.  I was in my own personal, brunchy kind of heaven!  Every now and then we each went in for a mushroom and commented on how tasty they were. 

My brunch in the foreground, Dad's eggs benny and our shared plate of mushrooms in the background.  Good times!

My brunch in the foreground, Dad's eggs benny and our shared plate of mushrooms in the background. Good times!

It was a good morning!


Garfish also provides good people watching as Broughton Street is busy with all walks of life walking to and from cafes, visiting the bank, dropping kids at school, etc.  I’d certainly recommend it as a breakie spot.  While it wasn’t cheap (I think it cost about $45), it wasn’t all that expensive; the service was good and the food was fresh and tasty.  If you have walked past Garfish and put it in the lunch and dinner category, dear reader it’s time to reassess your thinking and hop on down there for breakie or brunch – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

For the gluten free foodies amongst us

I know this post doesn’t paint me as being particularly committed to the cause, but I’m rather more irritated by wheat than allergic to it.  Sometimes, I find it hard to resist!  Anyway – have a look at the Garfish menu and I’m sure you’ll find dishes that suit you too.  I did see one of their omelettes swing past and it looked pretty good.  The spanish omelette w/ chorizo, peppers and potato ($16) and the open faced prawn and scallop omelette w/ kipfler potatoes, roasted capsicum and basil pesto do sound rather appealing.  I’m sure that I’ll be back to try those out some time soon – will report back!

The low down

Garfish restaurants are located at Kirribilli, Crows Nest and Manly.  I’ve only visited the one at Kirribilli and have now experienced brunch, lunch and dinner – each of which have been really very enjoyable.  The restaurant is in an excellent position to catch the afternoon sun, so if you’re a cat like me, who likes to stretch her paws in the sun, get along for a late brunch, or lunch.  If you go to the Crows Nest or Manly restaurants – leave a comment and let me know what you thought!

Garfish Kirribilli is located at 6/29 Broughton Street, Kirribilli.  Their phone number is 02 9922 4322.  Have a look at their website at www.garfish.com.au.

A very important note – to all my favourite fathers

I love my Dad.  And I love my Father in law.  And there are lots of other dads around that I’m really very fond of – you know who you are!  Here’s wishing all of you a wonderful Father’s Day!  Whether you’re watching the Sunday Roast, having a sausage sizzle in Innamincka, seeing the new elephant at the zoo, having a cook off with your kids, languishing in Hervey Bay, building a boat or just cracking really bad Dad jokes that you know will make us groan – may you have a fabulous day and be spoilt rotten by your adoring offspring.

 To my Dad particularly, I hope your special RM Williams shirt is doing the trick in the desert! And to my FIL – as soon as I’ve hit Publish on this blog, you can have your present back – may it keep you entertained, and your lap warm! xxx




Happy Father's day to all the super dads I know :-) xxx

Happy Father's day to all the super dads I know 🙂 xxx




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A birthday bite to remember at Oscillate Wildly, Newtown for Mr L and moi Surprise! See you @ Spice Temple.

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  • 1. Dard  |  September 19, 2009 at 4:03 am

    Hello-ah Posswum,
    Good bloggage, neat description of our Garfish brunch and walk.

    Luv, Dard


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