Wildes Restaurant + 212 Margaret St, Brisbane

April 12, 2010 at 12:11 pm 1 comment

A short post tonight.  Hopefully you agree that’s deserved after yesterday’s epic.  This post is about a burger I discovered in Brisbane which surpassed my expectations.  Although in an extended blogging hiatus, I knew it was photoworthy and I decided to follow up with this quick, but fond post.

One burger, hold the bun thanks

This burger comes from Wildes Restaurant & Bar.  The restaurant is attached to the Oaks apartment block @ 212 Margaret St, Brisbane into which I’ve been booked for a work trip.

Upon check in, I’m elated to find that I can in fact order room service from Wildes.  Usually, delivery options aren’t as seamless (here you can dial a room service extension) or speedy (it was delivered within 15 minutes!)

I’d arrived on a ridiculously early Sydney -> Brisbane flight and was now exhausted – having already been up for some 16 hours. (Yes, sleep-deprived new Mums… I’m a wimp!)

I swim some laps in the hotels 15 m pool (75 laps to do a km!) and afterwards realise I don’t know where I am in relation to a supermarket.  I’ve not stayed in this property before.  I note the room service menu.  The odds are stacked in this burger’s favour.

wagyu beef burger $19
wagyu beef patty, lettuce, tomato,
caramelized onion, cheese & sauce,
served w/ beer battered chips*

Wagyu beef burger - hold the bun!

Wagyu beef burger - hold the bun!

I phone through to room service using the easy access extension. I explain that I am after the burger, but they can keep the bun as I won’t be needing it.  I giggle with embarrassment and the friendly man noting my order takes it in his stride.  He comments that patrons regularly have no need for their buns either.  He says I am to feel at home with my request.

Confidence restored, I ask if there is any chance I might be able to trouble my accommodating friend for some aioli.  “Of course”, he replies “would you also like some sauce?”  I take him up on his offer.  Yes, they have barbeque sauce.  I am offered the option to pay by card, have it charged back to my room or pay with cash. Options are good when one is tired and unprepared.

I phone Mr L to discuss my excitement about this room service treat.  We’re on the phone for no time when there is a knock at my door.  A man is now attached to the familiar voice from phone.  He hands over my burger, is grateful for my tip and we go our separate ways: he to his appreciative customers and me to my cutlery drawer.

For the record, the burger is tender, juicy and succulent.  The chips are just right and the onion relish is sweet, soft and done to perfection.

A note for the coeliacs or the menu manipulators

*I know that the chips are battered in beer and that doesn’t work for coeliacs, but if you are one who’s staying at 212 Margaret St and in need of chips, I suggest you let Wildes Restaurant know and see what they can do for you.  Note the note on their menu which says:

Like it your way?
Don’t be afraid to ask for any changes
to the menu to suit your personal taste.
If we can do it we will do it

I like it – good customer service must not be overlooked!

Should I be booked into 212 Margaret Street again, I’ll be ordering something else from Wildes Restaurant.  And if you’re on Margaret Street and in search of a good burger, I recommend you stop in!

The low down

Wilde’s Restaurant & Bar is located on 212 Margaret Street, Brisbane city.  Cuisine is modern Australian, with a focus on traditional cooked meals with simple home style flavours

Opening hours are Monday to Friday 10.00am till late for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Saturdays by arrangement for private functions & get togethers
Sunday 4.30pm till late.

Wildes Bar
212 Margaret Street, Brisbane City  4000
07 3018 4688
07 3018 4677


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