Tours with the magical MIL: cars, Japanese gardens, art and lunch @ Terrigal

April 17, 2010 at 12:06 pm 2 comments

Mr L and I are staying on the central coast with the L seniors this weekend, and while Mr L  was improving his photography skills today, I had the great pleasure of an impromptu tour with Mrs L senior, my magical Mother-in-law (MIL).

Despite eight years of visiting the L family, and more years with other families on the coast, I had never heard about the local art gallery, and so my magical MIL heads us in its direction.  We arrive at the Gosford Regional Gallery & Arts Centre to find a car exhibition underway.

G.o.g.g.o – it’s the Dart

We spend some time walking around and looking at the selection of lovely old cars.  Our favourites are the bright green and yellow Goggomobiles.  Unlike the one featured in the Yellow Pages ad, these were both Darts.  We also look at a lovely old Daimler, a couple of Mustangs, a gangster-style Buick and others before heading into the Japanese gardens.

Blue Daimler; Kermit green Dart and yellow Dart; red Merc

Blue Daimler; Kermit green Dart and yellow Dart; red Merc

Japanese gardens and crazy carp

The Japanese gardens are accessible through the back of the Gosford Regional Gallery & Arts Centre, and serve as a quiet, manicured refuge from the bustle of the classic car expo.  Magical MIL tells me that weddings are often held at these gardens and the place reminds us a bit of the scenery from Chocolate Suze and Noods’ amazing lollipop wedding that we had watched earlier.  (Congratulations Suze and Noods!)

Our favourite part of the gardens is the pergola from which we watch the crazy, massive carp swimming around the lake.  We also love the gorgeous little ducks and marvel over how clever they are – ignoring the psycho fish below them, and sitting in the shade as much as possible, for the day’s become quite hot.

Japanese Gardens: crazy carp, cute ducks and a shady pergola

Japanese Gardens: crazy carp, cute ducks and a shady pergola

The art gallery – stunning aboriginal pieces

We walk back inside and head to the art gallery.  There are two exhibitions on and we head to the first – featuring Aboriginal art.  A few of the pieces are vibrantly coloured and attract us.  Our favourites include two dot paintings, and one made up of stunning oranges and reds, called Rainbow Lorikeet.

We move into the second exhibition whic is contemporary art.  Some of it is interesting, but it’s a bit trippy for our liking.  We decide that in any case, it’s unlikely that either of us can afford such fine art right now.  And furthermore, it’s lunch time, so after a quick stop at the gallery’s shop, magical MIL takes us to Terrigal for lunch (and a quiet shopping mission without the L men!)

Aboriginal art @ the Gosford gallery

Aboriginal art @ the Gosford gallery

A cheeky shop and lunch @ Terrigal

We’re keen to browse the shops as magical MIL’s not been to Terrigal for some time, and I’ve never really looked inside this particular set of shops.  We stop off at several along the way and note that success prospects are high.  We’re hungry though, so we head to a little cafe next to the beer garden at the Crowne Plaza.  It’s called Aromas On Sea.

The cafe has a view of Terrigal Beach.  We could have sat out in the sun from where I’d have taken better beach photos, but it was somewhat hot and we’re sun-wary, so we decide to sit undercover.

The view from Aromas at Sea, Terrigal

The view from Aromas at Sea, Terrigal

On the menu are burgers, chips, sandwiches and salads.  Also a few more exotic dishes, such as risotto and souffle feature, but we’re having an exotic dinner, so decide upon something lighter.  I look at the salads section until magical MIL points out that they have gluten free bread.  I am very pleased, as there is a sandwich concoction on the menu that sounds up my alley.

Magical MIL goes for the ham, tomato and jarlsberg sandwich with tomato relish.  It arrives with a side salad.  MIL says that she can’t taste the relish – which is a let down since she was rather looking forward to it.

Sandwich: shaved leg ham off bone w/ jarlsberg cheese, fresh tomato & tomato relish

Sandwich: shaved leg ham off bone w/ jarlsberg cheese, fresh tomato & tomato relish

She also has a bowl of crispy, crunchy, beer battered chips.

Crispy, crunchy, beer battered chips

Crispy, crunchy, beer battered chips

I request the “Chicken Favourite” sandwich – it is simply comprised of chicken, bacon, avocado and mayo.  Two meats and one fruit tends to muck with my general eating rule (where the fruit / vegetable component ought, by rights to be stronger than the meat component), however the sandwich is tasty and I think is something that Pa would like.  He’d also like the fact that it’s served with chips.

Chicken Favourite sandwich

Chicken Favourite sandwich

We have a good natter over lunch, and while the relish was disappointing on magical MIL’s sandwich, overall, we’ve had an enjoyable stop at Aromas On Sea.  At very least, we’ve had time to restore our energy for further shopping efforts.

The low down

Aromas On Sea is open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch and for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights and is located at:

40 Terrigal Esplanade,
Ocean Front Terrace Crowne Plaza,
Terrigal, New South Wales 2260

Phone:    +61 2 4384 3501

I note that they have live music on Friday and Saturday nights, and the breakfast menu looks interesting.  It could be worth another visit.

Share a seaside secret?

Few things are better than a lazy weekend lunch at the beack.  Do you have a favourite seaside beach cafe or restaurant?   What is it and why do you love it?


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  • 1. Gbro  |  April 17, 2010 at 11:43 pm

    Good one! The day sounded fun!!

    • 2. myfavouritefruits  |  April 18, 2010 at 2:48 am

      Hey G, it was a tremendous touring day. Hope you’re having a great weekend too 🙂


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