Cacao fantasy – ooh yeah!

April 18, 2010 at 12:00 pm 3 comments

So I admit it.  I pinch things from hotels.  Well – I mean, they’re all things intended for my use, but I choose not to use them during my stay and instead take them with me.  L’Occitane toiletries, exotic tea bags, the occasional double pack of scotch finger biscuits, shower caps and shoe shiners – they’ve all featured in my checkout cargo.  After all – who knows when I’ll need them?  I travel a lot – I don’t want to be caught out with dull shoes!  Tonight’s post is about a stolen item – Douwe Egberts’ Cacao fantasy – fine drinking chocolate. 

Dreaming of Tasmania…

Mr L and I had a beautiful holiday in Tasmania last year.  This weekend, as we cross the Mooney Mooney Bridge heading north, the still waters of the Hawkesbury River remind me of the amazing Tasmanian scenery.  The picture below is of a lake we saw just outside Hobart on our way to Avalon Coastal Retreat in the Rocky Hills.  It also reminds me to tell you about this drinking chocolate, so here we are! 

Beautiful, still lake - just outside of Hobart

Beautiful, still lake - just outside of Hobart


The Henry Jones Art Hotel

On the first part of our Tasmanian holiday, Mr L and I stayed at the Henry Jones Art Hotel in Hobart.  It’s a very beautiful old hotel within the old IXL factory.  We had a lovely room with a view of Hobart Harbour.  Upon check in, I ran around excitedly and took stock of all the facilities – most notably, the toiletries, spa, mini bar and tea / coffee selection.  In the latter is where I find the Douwe Egberts’ Cacao fantasy drinking chocolate. 

By the time we return to Sydney, I’ve got all sorts of spoils to pack into my pantry.  The drinking chocolate gets stuck behind some tea and in time, escapes my attention – that is until PC comes over one morning after an early morning swim.  Since I’ve only got soy milk in the fridge, she chooses to go for a hot chocolate instead of a tea.  At this point, I uncover the drinking chocolate.  

Douwe Egberts' Cacao fantasy

Douwe Egberts' Cacao fantasy


Cacao fantasy – smooth, creamy and lump free!

On the morning of the swim, I don’t give PC the Douwe Egberts’ Cacao fantasy because she’s on a fitness mission and we agree that Jarrah 97% fat free drinking chocolate is the ticket.  I make the hot chocolate, but despite a lot of stirring and the application of various techniques, I can’t seem to make the chocolate lumps disappear from the Jarrah hot chocolate.  It puts me off a bit, and I decide I’ll try another brand next time, then don’t think about it again. 

Later in the week, I hit the 3pm low and decide I need something sweet.  To my delight, I find the Tasmanian treasure in the pantry.  

On closer inspection, I note that this is in fact a Sarah Lee product.  

A fine blend - Douwe Egberts' Cacao fantasy

A fine blend - Douwe Egberts' Cacao fantasy


I put the kettle on and pour the ingredients of the sachet into my mug.  I cross my fingers. 

Contents in, kettle on

Contents in, kettle on

The water’s ready.  I pour about 4cm worth in and give it a stir.  So far so good. 

So far, so good!

So far, so good!

I pour water up to the top and after 20 seconds of stirring, determine my work is complete.  Like the Tasmanian lakes, the surface is flat.  I note no bubbles nor lumps.  Of course the proof is in the drinking, so I take the mug back to my desk. 

A delicious, creamy, blend

A delicious, creamy, blend

It’s hard to argue with the claims that this is a delicious, creamy, hot chocolate drink.  I enjoy my mug’s worth and make a mental note to tell you about it.   If one were so inclined, one could add some warm milk to make an even creamier experience, or add cream and chocolate shavings to the top for a really decadent treat.  

Help warm the cockles!

Now travelling to Tasmania, booking into a fancy hotel and raiding their hot chocolate collection is arguably an expensive way to procure drinking chocolate.  I will look around for this brand in supermarkets and let you know if and where I find it.  

In the mean time, perhaps you could help.  Do you favour a brand of drinking chocolate that is smooth, creamy, lump free and easy to whip up using only a mug, a kettle and a spoon?  Please share your thoughts so that fellow readers (and my grateful self) may stock up before the next cold snap hits our shores!


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  • 1. Megsy L  |  April 18, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    Mmmmm chocolate!!!

    Love that picture of Tassie by Mr L. Just wondering what sort of lense he used to procure such a shot??

    Thanks Dr Laura for yet another great blog.

    • 2. myfavouritefruits  |  April 19, 2010 at 1:00 pm

      Oh you’re very cheeky Megsy L! :):):) The kind of lens that Mr L used was the kind that lasts a very long time without the need for upgrade! 🙂

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