Qantas goodness, part II

April 23, 2010 at 10:33 am Leave a comment

This (very quick) post is a follow up to the post from a couple of weeks ago named “A nod to finer Qantas moments.”  This afternoon I flew back to Sydney from Brisbane and the afternoon snack was a packet of Carman’s Savoury Mixed Blend.  I spent some time trying to determine whether this product is wheat or gluten free.  I’m still unsure, but I think it’s free of wheat since it’s not pointed out on the ingredients list.  In any case, I gave Carman’s Savoury Mixed Blend a burl and can confirm that I rate it.  Except for the fact that there are no sultanas, the mix reminds me very much of Bhuja mix – a favourite of mine and a particularly good friend to an icy cold beer. 

Carman's savoury mixed blend

Carman's savoury mixed blend

Yes, I admit, that is the top of my bottle of wine sitting in the seat pocket in front of my tray table…  So I brought it home, okay!  

Just like a bhuja mix

Just like a bhuja mix

I must say that I like Bhuja mix slightly more than the Carman’s version because I do like finding a surprise sultana here and there.  This mix would appeal to the dried-fruit wary Mr L though – so I know that if we get the Carman’s version on the flight down to Melbourne next weekend (yay!) he will be pleased.

BTW – after some investigation, I found that this product has been specially made by Carman’s for QANTAS – more info on that relationship is here.

Your travels this weekend

Thanks to ANZAC day, this weekend is a long one in Australia.  Are you doing something tremendous this weekend that will cause you to travel – by plane, train or automobile?  Do share your exciting plans!

For you to know, we’re having dinner with Pa and Nanna G tomorrow night at a secret location – so secret that Pa and Nanna G don’t even know where it is as yet!  Stay tuned for the details!

An aside – Masterchef baby veggies

Just while we’re chatting – oh my, Gary’s juvenile vegetables looked amazing tonight on Masterchef.  Anyone planning on making those?  Mr L and I sure would love an invitation! 🙂


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