Anzac Day two-up @ Dicks, Balmain

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PC invited Mr L and me to join her, the two Ts and a few others for a spot of Anzac Day Two-Up @ Dicks Hotel, Balmain.  We could hardly believe the crowds as we approached Dick’s.  Outside Dick’s and the adjacent Exchange Hotel, the lines were massive (see pics) as people from far and wide came together to remember the Anzacs, while drinking beers and playing Two-Up.

Balconies brimming @ the Exchange Hotel, Balmain on Anzac Day 2010

Balconies brimming @ the Exchange Hotel, Balmain on Anzac Day 2010

Tackling the line

Our first mission was to get into Dick’s.  Fortunately for us, PC is well known in Balmain and was able to sweet talk our way in.  Mission accomplished.

The line outside Dick's Hotel @ Balmain

The line outside Dick's Hotel @ Balmain

Out the back of Dick’s

The next mission was finding a beer, but since PC and the gang had congregated fairly close to the bar, we were able to do so without too much effort – which is lucky since the inside of Dick’s didn’t look too different to the outside.  It. Was. Packed!  The atmosphere was great though, so we got into the swing of things, beers in hands.  Close to where we stood, a huge game of Two-Up was in progress.  A ring had been sectioned off and two guys in red polo shirts were inside the ring with one of the bar staff from the Hotel.  Boos and cheers rose up out of the crowd depending on what people had bet and the outcomes of spins.

I had only really played Two-Up once before and might have been in less of a reflective state of mind (ie. drunk!) at the time.  Last night, I was struck by how clever the game of Two-Up is.  Why?  Well, since one can bet with anyone else who is playing, the game is infinitely scalable.  Also, since the outcome can only be heads or tails, assuming all things are equal, there truly is a 50% chance of winning or losing.  Our friend Tines and I decided that the best thing to do might be to choose one option – heads or tails, and continue to bet on it.  Based on the law of averages (and a bit of luck) that should really mean that one would win some and lose some.

Playing the game

You may have noticed I can ramble on a bit… For that reason, I shan’t attempt to explain the rules to you, but should you wish to read them, visit the Wikipedia page on Two-Up.

I mentioned before that we did win some and lose some.  I happened to capture a video of Tines losing one.  She put her bet down on tails ($5 if my recollection is correct) – unfortunately, heads won.  To see the video, click play, below.

The giant Two-Up game ran for the whole time that we were @ Dick’s Hotel and no doubt for a long time after.

Aussie menu

PC often dines @ Dick’s Hotel and reports that the pub food is good. Since Anzac Day is a huge production there, the menu on offer was pretty simple.  Most of the attention was focused on getting people beers and bets – which appeared to be what the crowd wanted.  The few food options were as follows:

Sausage sangers w/ caramelised onions
Hot chips
Meat pies (of course!)
And a few different sorts of rolls

The simple Anzac Day menu @ Dick's Hotel

The simple Anzac Day menu @ Dick's Hotel

A note to the diggers

It wouldn’t be right to publish this post without a mention of the diggers for whom Anzac Day commemorates.  I spent time yesterday watching the Sydney parade and thinking of my grandparents who served in WWII and of those who did and do serve their country.  Again – my thanks to you.

For more thoughts from Anzac day eve, visit Saturday’s post.


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