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A good day – brunch @ Fundamental and a visit to Adriano Zumbo patisserie

Well it’s been a good eating day today for Mr L and me. It started with brunch @ Fundamental in Balmain with PC and Tines. An after brunch stroll to Adriano Zumbo’s patisserie uncovered further spoils that kept us going through the day. Dog spotting, bird watching and lots of giggling occurred before we headed home to retire to the couch for a relaxing finish. Now with Masterchef on the tv, all in all it’s been a fundamentally good day!


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The fabled dinner – PC’s feast @ LL Wine and Dine

So I’m feeling guilty. This is the promised post and it’s taken me a long time to publish it. Up front – sorry about the delay. You don’t need to hear my excuses – so we’ll move on to remembering last Saturday night’s dinner for PC’s birthday at LL Wine and Dine. A feast of epic proportions in a cosy, wee, space in Potts Point with 14 of PC’s most treasured friends. The rumoured orgasmic tofu meant that care factor was high. Cameras poised, drinking boots strapped, we entered the little restaurant down a previously overlooked laneway.

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Shiny disco balls (and request for an extension)

Well it’s been a trying 36 hours. I’ve travelled from Sydney to Adelaide and now to Brisbane and have just got in tonight. My computer died, my mobile died and I couldn’t find a charger at Adelaide airport. So I’d promised to write the bumper review of Saturday night’s PC birthday dinner, but I’ve been out of computer juice, and now have run out of fruit loop juice, so am sheepishly requesting an extension. I promise to write the review tomorrow – have cancelled plans and will write, then snooze! In the mean time….

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Lunch at Nicks, and a promise to tell you about LL Wine and Dine bar

I’ve just flown into Adelaide, and this post was mostly constructed without internet access on that flight, so it’s a quick one on a working lunch last week with my boss @ Nick’s Seafood Restaurant, Cockle Bay. Tomorrow night, I have even longer in airports and on planes, so will write the post about the weekend’s shenanigans ootnaboot for PC’s birthday including a quite fabulous, if not somewhat squeezy dinner @ LL Wine and Dine Bar, Potts Point – stay tuned!

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Random observations (Melbourne part 3)

A quick one – in honour of the pussycat’s (PC’s) birthday yesterday – more random observations from our recent Melbourne trip. Fluffy deer, Kindness House, cow parties (if you don’t mind!), a flock of egg separators and the best hand made pita bread. All this and we still hadn’t made it out of Fitzroy!

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The talked up lunch @ Satang Thai, Haymarket + more pics from Mr L

Lunch @ Satang Thai in Haymarket with my mate Johy. Crispy pork belly with glossy Chinese greens and a tasty chicken and veggies in peanut sauce. Also, as promised, a few of the very clever Mr L’s pics from yesterday’s sunrise mission @ Freshie and a couple of Berrima shots.

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Sunday sunrise @ Freshie and a trip to The Little Hand Stirred Jam shop, Berrima

The alarm went off at 5:39 this morning – between then and now, we’ve been back over to Freshie for a beautiful sunrise and photography mission, before heading down to stock up on chutney, jam, honey, mustards, and more at The Little Hand Stirred Jam Shop in Berrima. We’re exhausted, but excited – Mr L is excited because he’s got some fresh photos to review, and I’m excited because I finally made it to The Little Hand Stirred Jam Shop – after all these years of their products coming to me!

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