Random observations (Melbourne part 2)

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This is a very quick and mostly pictorial post for Mr L and I have just returned from having nood-holes with Unkie T and Mrs P, and it’s rather late.  Briefly though, I’ve been waiting to share some thoughts with you relating to wonderful, random Melbourne.  Unfortunately, we weren’t there long enough for my liking, but while on walkabout with Mr L and the gals, the little red Canon got a good go at some random shots and observations.  This post remembers my fellow Melbourne travellers, and to my Favourite B + B combo – one of whom also favours the random pictorial observation!

Melbourne wall posters are interesting and funky

Firstly, you know how when you wander round the traps, you’ll often see signs about how bill posters will be prosecuted?  Well – I don’t recall seeing those in Melbourne.  In fact, there was such a volume of posted posters that I suspect they embrace it.  Cool, interesting, funky posters.  Nice work Melbourne.

Bill posters prosecuted?  No - this is wall art!

Bill posters prosecuted? No - this is wall art!

Authentic tent parties?

Look, I don’t know what this was all about, but these people were promoting a tent party upstairs.  Sounds a bit naughty to me.  Unfortunately, we didn’t take time to stop, so I’ll be forever wondering what a tent party actually is.  Is it a party in a teepee?  Is it training for camping?  What could it be?  Do you know?  If so, please, let me know – or I’ll be forever curious!  In the mean time, I’m pleased to know it was authentic.

Authentic tent party - what does it mean?

Authentic tent party - what does it mean?

Cold climate = warm hats and funny little ear warmers.  Pardon?

I love hats.  Yes I do.  So does PC, and she comments that there’s never enough time nor patience to wear them in Sydney.  And unless they’re of the “slip, slop, slap” variety, they don’t get a look-in for Brisbanians.  In Melbourne, they embrace the hat.  Love the hat.  They wear the hat.  And they look terrific while doing so.  The next picture is a bit blurry – sorry, but I think my hand was excited to be in a real, live, hat shop.  Along with people interested in wearing their purchased hats!  Brilliant. 🙂  The shop also sold ear warmers.  Of great amusement that would be to Pa, for it would allow him to use his famed “what joke” (and, let’s face it, to amuse me too.)  Which famed “what joke”?  It would play out a bit like this:

Unsuspecting participant: “Boy, my ears are cold, best I put my ear warmers on.”

(Puts ear warmers on and turns to Pa.)

Pa: “Pardon?”

Unsuspecting partipant takes ear warmers off and repeats the statement: “I said, boy my ears are cold, best I put my ear warmers on.”

Pa: “Pardon?”

And so on….  (Pa chuckles, slaps thigh, etc.  Nanna G sighs.  All other dad joke users giggle in solidarity with Pa.) 

Forget the tent party, I'm off to a hat party!

Forget the tent party, I'm off to a hat party!

Intriguing little cameras

Yes, you read that right.  I know – cameras are so run of the mill these days, about what would this intrigue be?  Well – one particular shop had all sorts of clever little cameras on sale.  Those that brought out super bright, high-definition colour; others that had fish eye lenses, and some with wide angles.  Very cool!  I would have bought one, but Mr L suggested we probably had enough cameras to go around in the L household and indeed, if anyone were to be getting an upgrade, it would be he – for he’s in desperate “neeeeeeeeeeeeeed, wife!” of a new lens.

Intriguing little cameras - wish I'd bought one!

Intriguing little cameras - wish I'd bought one!

All you can eat yum cha.  Really?

Now, those of you who really know me, know that yum cha and I are tremendous friends.  We love each other.  Mr L loves also loves yum cha.  We’re in a love triangle.  We’re generally prepared to pay the $20 per head or more when Mr L and I gorge ourselves on it.  In Melbourne (on Brunswick St, Fitzroy to be exact), they have all you can eat yum cha.  Six little words that should really be used in one sentence more often.  Pretty much any way you combine them works:

Yum cha eat all you can
Eat all you can yum cha
Can you eat all yum cha?

You get the picture.

And $15.80?  Love at first sight. 

Sadly (gladly too though) – we were so full from brunch at Django Django that we were excluded from the yum cha market.

Six little words that bring so much joy!

Six little words that bring so much joy!

That will do me for now.  I feel myself getting excited thinking about all these things and really ought to be going to bed.  Rest assured, more random observations will follow.

Night all!


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