Random observations (Melbourne part 3)

May 20, 2010 at 11:42 am Leave a comment

A quick one – in honour of the pussycat’s (PC’s) birthday yesterday – more random observations from our recent Melbourne trip.  Fluffy deer, Kindness House, cow parades (if you don’t mind!), a flock of egg separators and the best hand made pita bread.  All this and we still hadn’t made it out of Fitzroy!

Deer PC, happy birthday to you

We had a little laugh on Brunswick Street (well – a lot of big laughs, really) because PC was talking about the need to procure a birthday card for her and RH1’s Dad.  We were in a knick knacks shop that we’d entered thinking we’d buy a giant inflatable afro for another mate’s birthday – we didn’t, but we did see lots of cards in there with with deer on them.  We considered buying a card with a deer on it to write “Deer Dad, happy birthday”, but decided just to laugh (oh – and blog) about it instead.

Then we happened on a shop that had a giant deer in it.  She was (clearly a she) very cute and fluffy and huggable.  Here she is, deer friends.

Happy birthday deer PC :)

Happy birthday deer PC 🙂

Kindness is a good thing

Well I think so anyway.  I think people should be kind to each other.  I’ve never noticed Kindness House in Sydney, but we walked by one in Melbourne where they were selling food to raise money.  It struck a chord with me.  Top work Kindness House. 🙂

Kindness House

Kindness House

Cow parade – well, why not?

Not sure if you’ve seen a cow parade before, but apparently this is what they look like.  Cue another burst of random giggles.  I didn’t think to look at the big cow’s face, but for the guys on top, it’s a good thing that the wind changed while they were smiling. 🙂

This is what a cow party looks like

This is what a cow party looks like

Egg separators unite!

This picture is dedicated to BF and Commando for, thanks to them, I have a little line up much like the one below, guarding our microwave.  What’s that cliche?  Divide and conquer?  (Bad egg-style dad joke / pun intended.)  These little fellas presented a united front on this particular day.

Little eggs all in a row

Little eggs all in a row

The best hand made pita bread?

Well you know, we didn’t get to try it, so who’s to know if this is false advertising or not?  Still – I love a good marketing campaign and well, “the best hand made pita bread ” – that’s gotta be a point of difference right?  I know it’s not gluten free, but I do feel a bit inclined to go back and give it a burl…  And that saganaki – mmmm…  Up my alley, cats.

Love you pussycato

That’s it from me tonight – a final goodnight and last happy birthday wish to my favourite little PC for this day – love you mucho mucho mucho mucho xxx


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