Lunch at Nicks, and a promise to tell you about LL Wine and Dine bar

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I’ve just flown into Adelaide, and this post was mostly constructed without internet access on that flight, so it’s a quick one on a working lunch last week with my boss @ Nick’s Seafood Restaurant, Cockle Bay.  Tomorrow night, I have even longer in airports and on planes, so will write the post about the weekend’s shenanigans ootnaboot for PC’s birthday including a quite fabulous, if not somewhat squeezy dinner @ LL Wine and Dine Bar, Potts Point – stay tuned! 

Quick working lunch @ Nick’s

My boss (M) was in Sydney for the day last Wednesday and we had a day of meetings in the Sydney CBD.  We decided to grab a bite together and catch up on some work matters over lunch and she asked me for a lunch time recommendation.  I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to know what to suggest sometimes – on the one hand, there were so many possibilities as we were so close to Cockle Bay and King Street Wharf, but on the other hand, it was a quick lunch and I wasn’t sure about her spending preferences.

A quick working lunch @ Nick’s

After some walking, we decided upon Nick’s seafood restaurant.  I’ve dined at Nick’s a number of times over the years, and enjoyed it each time, so although it stacked up to more than one would usually spend on Wednesday lunch, I figured what the heck! 

The lovely waiter was (for a short time) perplexed by our request to sit away from the water views (or rather, the accompanying heaters), but since we’d walked there from the other end of the city, we were pretty warm, we were after distance from the restaurant’s effective overhead heaters.  He quickly recovered from his shock and found us a lovely table, which (he proclaimed) still had a good view, but was away from the heat!

The menu at Nick’s is mostly (as you’d expect from a seafood restaurant) seafood, but there were a few land-friends on the menu which also sounded pretty good.  I had Pa in the back of my mind cautioning against choosing the wrong animal to eat for lunch.  His “never order fish in a steak restaurant” adage was chattering away and so I decided to do the right thing and choose fish.

Salmon and barramundi

On the specials menu was a salmon tail that caught M’s eye.  It was served with a saffron pilaf and I must say, it almost hooked me too. 

M’s special salmon tail with saffron pilaf

M’s special salmon tail with saffron pilaf

On this occasion though, I was the one that got away as I changed my mind and swam into the waiting fins of a barramundi. It was served with a great, big, fresh salad – from Nick’s mains menu. 

My barramundi and salad

My barramundi and salad

Both M and I enjoyed our lunches – the fish was hot and fresh, and the serves were generous.  The salad that came with my fish was big enough for two people – none of that mesculin side salad rubbish @ Nick’s!

A quick (ahem… dry) lunch

If you’re looking for wine glasses on that table, look no further dear friend, for it was a dry lunch.  Our office is a dry office and as such, if one is to venture out for a boozy lunch, one is not invited to return.  Theoretically, that might work in one’s favour, but not when one has the volume of work on one’s plate that we currently do.

So with a lemon, lime and bitters for M, and a lemonade for me, our bill came to around $70.  We threw in a tip and all up, it was $80.  We split the bill and, satisfied, went our separate ways to finish the day. 

The low down

The cool thing about Nick’s Seafood Restaurant is that not only do they serve lunch or dinner to your table, they will also deliver seafood to your boat (should you be lucky enough to have one) when moored at Cockle Bay.  I had the privilege of enjoying just that sort of thing one year with a Christmas party and would definitely recommend it!  Nothing quite like eating a large, sumptuous seafood platter and drinking good plonk on your own boat!

In the event that, like me, you don’t have your own boat, stop into the restaurant.  Details are below:

Nick’s Seafood Restaurant
The Promenade, Cockle Bay Wharf
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
T (02) 9264 1212
F (02) 9264 8686

Nick’s Seafood Restaurant is just one of a number restaurants owned by the same group.  For more info, visit:

Nicks Seafood


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