Cheeky North Sydney lunch @ Viet’s Pho

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I’m so thrilled to be working in North Sydney again – not just because of the vast array of menu items available – but also because I’m close to loads of friends and family, so can have a cheeky lunch here and there when there’s time to escape the office.  Last Monday, I had the pleasure of catching up with BF for a quick lunch before I headed back up to the Brissie office for a few days.  After some wandering around Tower Square, we happened upon Viet’s Pho.  It was an easy choice since there were lots of seats available (and seldom elsewhere), but this easy choice became a great one as Viet’s Pho was even better than some of the Pho that Mr L and I had in Vietnam!


Pho, pronounced “ph” was being made on the side of every street in Hanoi when Mr L and I were in Vietnam in 2008 and I’m sure it still is now.  It’s a simple, cheap dish, made of a clear stock, meat – such as chicken or beef, rice noodles and fresh herbs.  In Hanoi, where it’s really cold (we were there in summer and on some days, it was 7 degrees – brrrr!) pho is the perfect dish to fill you up and keep you warm.

I’ve seen ph advertised in Sydney, but had never sought to buy it previously.  Of course, I’d wandered past Viet’s Pho in Tower Square before, but hadn’t taken the opportunity to stop in until the stars aligned last week.

Viet's Pho's pho!  Chicken pho with mint and bean shoots

Viet's Pho's pho! Chicken pho with mint and bean shoots

While the headlining dish at Viet’s Pho is of course, pho, the little shop sells a range of other lunchtime favourites as well – including other rice based dishes and (randomly) beef, chicken and pork (bread) rolls!  The pho comes in three varieties: chicken, rare beef and well done beef.

Viet’s Pho

The pho itself is a simple dish.  The broth and chicken are the main makings.  Then Viet’s Pho offers diners the chance to decide how much greenery and herbery they wish to add.  You’ll see in the picture above that we went in fairly conservatively this time, but I’d agree with BF’s call that next time, we’d add more herbs and more shoots.  We will also ask when we next visit, whether we could add some veggies for an added vitamin boost.  Note in the photo below that a range of accompaniments are available for you to try with your pho – fresh chilli, soy, chilli sauce, lemon wedges and hoisin sauce.  You can go for broke experimenting with ways to flavour your pho, but BF and I agreed that it was pretty perfect as is.

Pho with all the accompaniments

Pho with all the accompaniments

We decided we’d happened upon a winner.  Not only did Viet’s Pho offer us loads of seating options, we also felt that on the cold day, the pho was enough to fill us up, but not make us too sleepy and overfull.  I think the pho was about $9.50 a bowl – so not too steep by North Sydney standards.  We’ll be heading back some time to try the beef versions and to perfect the art of herb and shoot loading.

The low down

Viet’s Pho is in the rear courtyard at Tower Square, North Sydney.  Tower Square is located at 155 Miller Street, North Sydney.  If you stop in and can’t get a seat at Viet’s Pho, you won’t be disappointed by the alternatives as loads of little eateries live within that location.  If you do go and try the pho, let me know what you think!

BTW – I didn’t ask if they use gluten free stock for their pho, but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t proper stock.  Next time I stop in, I’ll double check, but I think that Viet’s Pho’s pho is likely to be gluten free.  What a bonus!  (If you’re a coeliac, please ensure you check before you dive in!)

Counting down…

Yesterday, L asked me how many sleeps we had until we hop on the big bird and head o/s.  I hadn’t even thought about counting sleeps until that point, but well, I am now!  So in case you’re wondering, we have only five sleeps to go until we head to London.  Woo hoo – I’m excited!


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