Well hello 2011!

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Why hello there!

Well hello to all and happy new year to y’all from Mr L and me! We hope that the end of 2010 brought you and yours all the things you’d hoped for.










Happy New Year to you!

For me, well, the end of 2010 brought me all sorts of good things. There was one big gaping hole in my life though which would have been perfectly filled had I been able to publish many more blog posts.

So the story goes that I’d promised you that I’d upload all the posts from our o/s trips (in the mid-latter parts of the year) and well, work heated up again and I didn’t get to writing all those posts. I’ve been concerned about that (read: feeling incredibly slack) and was whinging to Mr L about it last night when he offered up a simple suggestion – why not just weave the best bits of the trip through my posts over the next little while and in the mean time, get back to blogging about things that are happening now?

Of course! A clever plan from a brilliant (and dashingly handsome husband) and one which I am absolutely going to follow.

Three little points

SO…. I wanted to firstly say hello to you and ask you to forgive me for being shy and well, tardy. From herein, I will start communicating regularly again.

Secondly, I wanted to give you a little pictorial taste of things to come through those o/s review posts. (See below)

Thirdly, I’m sending a shout out to all those well travelled peeps who may have made it to Adelaide; the Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills during their travels – Mr L and I are taking Nanna G and Pa on a wee trip towards the end of January and will be visiting all those places. We’d be so grateful of any suggestions you may have for restaurants / wineries / cafes and the like that we should visit on our adventures. So if you do have any ideas, please add them into the comments section at the bottom of this page!

Pictorial teasery – looking back on 2010

I know Pa, teasery isn’t speaking good, but you get the gist… Below is a little collection of images that give you an idea of posts to come in 2011, looking back on 2010. Rest assured though, My Favourite Fruits will also be looking ahead and I personally am excited about the prospect of bringing you lots of restaurant reviews; recipes and product reviews during the year to come.

Let the pictorial teasery commence!

Above: it’s a piece of cake! (From Mickey and Liv’s wedding in Kefalonia, Greece)

Also in Kefalonia, great big platters of sharing food – good times!

On Mykonos, Greece, a man makes fresh pasta in the street

Fresh food and friends in Santorini

Bonjour French macarons in Paris!

And OMG an amazing degustation dinner @ L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in St Germain, Paris

A spectacular time in cold and kooky Iceland (yes, Iceland!)

All the good things in New York: hot dawgs; excess; jazz and Donald Trump!

Clam chowder, ribs and revelling in time with favourite friends in San Francisco

10th birthday celebrations at Sushi Roku with fave friends in Los Angeles + rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous!

A lazy lunch @ IndoChine in Singapore with FIL and MIL

Um halou-mi! Dinner @ Steel Bar + Grill (Sydney)

A summary of the verjuice master class @ Maggie Beer’s farm in Barossa Valley
Got any ideas?

Bring on lots of eating, cooking, reviewing and writing in 2011!

Do you have any ideas about places, products or recipes for My Favourite Fruits to review? If so, please, please, please let us know using the Comments box below! And don’t forget to add your thoughts on the Barossa, Adelaide and Adelaide Hills!

Thanks to you!

Ciao for now 🙂


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A break in transmission between travel posts… and a sensational garlic prawn pasta Irashaimase: Sushi Samurai, Neutral Bay!

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