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I had planned to write a post today about a healthy new year roast chicken dish, but well, my mind has been overrun by concern for friends and colleagues in Brisbane who are being affected by extraordinarily horrible floods.  In my day job, I work for a company whose head office is in Brisbane and I’ve spent approximately half my life there in the past two years.  Today, we closed our office due to risk of flooding and when colleagues were leaving before lunch time, the water was knee high.  So this post is devoted to the floods in Queensland; how you can find information on the situation at hand and how you can assist.

Finding information on the floods

If you want to view information on the floods in Queensland, there are a few excellent sources of information available.

  1. The Queensland Police media service is available.  Their website is here: 
    You may find that their web page is choked with a huge amount of traffic.  If so, you could view their Twitter page to get their short messages.  You can find that here: and their Twitter name is QPSmedia.  They have a Facebook page too:
  2. Tags #qldfloods, #bnefloods and #thebigwet are trending on Twitter.  People are posting loads and loads of resources to help you find information about street closures, affected suburbs, evacuations, press conferences, links to videos, photos and more.  I’ve hyperlinked the pages in behind the tags listed above. 
  3. The ABC’s Queensland news page is being updated constantly – you can see that here:
  4. The Brisbane Times and The Courier Mail are also good sources of info.
  5. Councillor Adrian Schrinner (Councillor for Chandler Ward) has been issuing useful updates on his website.  If you visit the home page and look at the news links at the bottom, you’ll find information regarding road closures / flood warnings, etc.
  6. The Bureau of Meterology is providing general weather updates here for Brisbane.  Links to weather warnings for the rest of Queensland can be viewed here:  Information regarding tides in Brisbane is available via this link.
  7. Brisbane City Council has launched a site which outlines flood maps.  If you can’t access that site due to congestion, visit this one – but note that it may not be as current as the Council site. 
    Thanks to Megsy C for sending through this link.

What can you do to help?

Donate cash to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal

The main thing that Queensland is going to need is cash – to recover from the floods which Premier Anna Bligh says will be worse than the catastrophic deluge that the state suffered in 1974.  A few different donation options are available.  All the information relating to how to do that is listed in the following Sydney Morning Herald article link:

Note that the website is currently not loading (I’d imagine due to congestion), but information on which account to transfer to is outilned in that SMH article. 

Consider whether you can house if you’re in an area which is unaffected

If you’re able to help by providing a flood victim with shelter, or fostering pets for the moment, your contribution would no doubt be welcome.   There are Facebook pages that have been set up where people can offer their resources.  Have a look through these if you’re willing and able to assist or if you need assistance, you’re likely to find someone willing to help you here:

Queensland floods assistance – check the discussions page as well as the wall

Queensland floods temporary accommodation assist

If you know of other information / assistance services that can help people in need, let me know and I’ll update this post.

Thinking of you, Queenslanders

We might argue about the State of Origin, but rest assured Queenslanders, your friends in New South Wales (and no doubt the rest of Australia / the globe) are thinking of you.  Stay off the roads, try to keep calm and keep safe.



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