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Man oh man.  I don’t know about you, but for me, this week has become all the more surreal.  Like many Australians I’ve been glued to the internet and social media coverage of the Queensland flood situation today.  I hear also that Victoria is experiencing flash flooding as is New South Wales – and Tasmania is reportedly set to flood too.  What the heck?  So I thought I’d add information from Brisbane’s Lord Mayor, Campbell Newman that I’ve just received in case it helps you or a loved one.  I’ll also share some pics taken close to my office in Brisbane.  I heard around 3pm that up to level two of our building was standing in water.  We’re on level three.  Far out.

I’m not suggesting we’re by any means the worst off.  There are so, so, so many individuals, families, pets, businesses and the like which have been severely affected.  Indeed, I found out today that a few of my colleagues have lost their homes.  Other friends are waiting to get back to their homes to see how they fared.  The most important thing as far as I’m concerned is that they are all safe.

Pics of near I work in Brisbane

Below – my office building:











A colleague took the pic above from her car at 9 am today.  The building that you can see is my office building.  See the sign in the foreground of the building?  By 3 pm today, the water was up above that sign and closer to the level above that.

Below, Douglas Street, Milton:











The above is from Twitter.  It’s of Douglas Street in Milton, which is a couple of streets from our office.

Below, Milton Road, looking up to the XXXX factory:









My colleagues and I were speechless when, sitting in our Sydney office, we looked at the photo above.  There are also reports that the McDonald’s on Milton Road is completely under water.

Below, the cycleway along the Brisbane River:

I walk along the cycleway / walkway between the city and the Toowong area when I stay in Brissy.  It’s a beautiful walk and I’ve thought many times about how terrific it is that Brisbane City Council have gone to such lengths to maintain it so well.  Recently, they’ve been conducting upgrades along the river – I’m not sure whether they finished prior to the flooding, but if not, they would have been pretty close.  Click here to see a comparison of how the cycleway usually looks, versus how it looks now.

Below, the Go-Between and City from Milton Flyover:









The Go Between Bridge has only recently been completed and it opened in 2010.

Below, Suncorp stadium from this morning:









You’ve probably seen images similar to the above, Suncorp Stadium is virtually under water.


More information – just in from Lord Mayor Campbell Newman

While typing this post, I received an email from Brisbane’s Lord Mayor Campbell Newman – I’ve decided to paste the whole thing into this post in case the information helps you, or a loved one.  See below.  And in the mean time, Queenslanders and people in other flood prone states, be safe and careful and look after one another.


An important message from Campbell – January 12
Brisbane is flooding as we speak and the worst of Brisbane’s flood peak is still ahead of us.

Today water was expected to peak at 4.4 metres around 4pm, however the flood peak will increase on Thursday about 4am to around 5.5 metres with another peak around 4pm Thursday afternoon.

Our latest flood modelling shows that approximately 19,700 residential properties could be inundated by flood waters. That could just mean water across the ground. Whether or not it floods your house will depend on how high above the ground it is, but I suggest you take no chances and move all your precious material to higher levels.

A further 12,000 residential properties are expected to have flooding across part of their property.

Here are some pointers for preparing for floods:

  • Identify possessions, equipment and fittings that are not located above possible flood levels and move to a higher location.
  • Secure or put away loose items in your yard such as kids’ toys, tools, building materials, outdoor furniture and wheelie bins, and store chemicals and poisons above flood levels. These items can easily float away in flooding and cause a hazard in floodwaters.
  • Download the Flood Flag Map for their suburb from http://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au to see how overland flow paths and flooding from creeks, rivers and storm tides may affect their property.
  • Sign up to Council’s free Early Warning Alert Service at www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/earlywarning
  • Ensure your emergency kit contains a torch, battery operated radio, first aid kit, spare batteries, essential medication and any prescriptions, important documents (including insurance papers, passport, financial documents, wills, birth and marriage certificates), waterproof bags, spare clothing, mobile phone and charger, toilet paper, and spare key for house and car.
  • Collect free sandbags from Council’s depots at any time of the day, at any of the following locations:
  • Guyatt Park, Bryce Street, St Lucia
  • Botticelli Street Park, Botticelli Street, Fig Tree Pocket
  • Hawthorne Park, Cnr Park and Oak Street, East Brisbane
  • Perrin Park, Josling St, Taringa
  • Darra Works Depot, Shamrock Rd, Darra
  • Morningside Works Depot, Redfern Street, Morningside
  • Newmarket SES Depot, Wilston Rd, Newmarket
  • Zillmere Works Depot, Jennings Street, Zillmere
  • Stafford Works Depot, Turner Road, Kedron
The State Government’s TransLink has begun reducing bus services due to the floods from 1pm today. Most operations will stop at 6pm tonight. If water levels permit, limited services will be available for essential service staff to get to work in the CBD area tomorrow, but you should not come into the city unless you have to.

For further information on public transport and affected services, please visit the TransLink website at www.translink.com.au or phone 13 12 30.

Waste services

Rubbish collection has been suspended until further notice. Residents are advised not to put their bins out on the footpath this week. Scheduled daily services are planned to resume on Monday, but residents should expect ongoing disruptions to services.

Please conserve water. The State water supplier Queensland Urban Utilities has advised that there are no water supply shortages for Brisbane only. Our drinking water is safe in the greater Brisbane region only. However sewage treatment plants are now discharging directly into our creeks and rivers, so people should stay out of the floodwaters due to potential health risks. I repeat, do not let your children play in floodwater. It is unhealthy.

Power has been cut off in some low lying areas of the CBD as water levels rise and this will continue to occur. Energex advise they are giving between half an hour and an hours notice to ensure occupants can evacuate in a timely manner before building lift services are stopped.

Many thanks to all those volunteers who have helped fill sandbags overnight. So far Brisbane has provided 190,000 sandbags since Monday. We will need all the help we can get for the big cleanup from Sunday so I encourage anyone who wants to assist with flood relief efforts to contact Volunteering Queensland on 07 3002 7600 or register online at www.volunteeringqld.org.au

Campbell Newman
Evacuation centres

For those who cannot be accommodated with family and friends, Council has set up two evacuation centres:

  • RNA Showgrounds
  • The QE2 stadium at Nathan, where we hosted the Commonwealth Games

Three more evacuation centres have been activated in the Centenary area for immediate use:

  • St Catherine Anglican Church, McFarlane Street, Middle Park
  • Good New Lutheran Church, Horizon Drive, Jamboree Heights
  • Salvation Army Church, Lalian Street, Middle Park

Residents are encouraged to bring their own supplies when accessing these centres, including the following: pillows and sheets, any medication, spare clothing, and important documents such as insurance papers, passports, birth certificates, etc.

Brisbane streets affected by flooding (as of 4:30pm January 11)
Click here for a list of Brisbane streets that have and will be affected by flooding this week.

Council also advises that more streets may be added to this list as Council continues to monitor the situation across the city. Residents and visitors are warned to stay away from floodwaters and stormwater drains following heavy rainfall. Floodwaters can be fast moving and contain hidden debris. Motorists are advised to obey road closure signs and find alternative routes, and not to attempt to cross or drive through flooded roads under any circumstances. Stormwater drains are also dangerous during and after heavy rainfall and should be avoided.

Contacts and information sources
Energex: 13 19 62
State Emergency Services (SES): 13 25 00
Translink: 13 12 30
For life-threatening emergencies: 000

Phone Council on 3403 8888 to report issues outside your property boundary such as flooding, downed trees, potholes, stormwater drain blockages or debris blocking roadways.

Due to high demand, Brisbane City Council is currently displaying a low bandwidth version of their website. www.brisbane.qld.gov.au



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