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Barossa Valley tour, January 2011, part 2

Better late than never, right? (Apol’s for the delay) I’m excited to finally post the second (well, technically third if you count meeting Maggie Beer) article covering our trip to the Barossa Valley in January. I will be publishing a third, but may not do so for another week – I’ve got something else to tell you about in the mean time – stayed tuned. Back to this story though… So up to now, we’d landed; had a terrific lunch at the historic Lord Lyndoch hotel; celebrated Nanna G’s birthday while watching Sting perform against the backdrop of the gorgeous South Australian sunset; been on a sublime afternoon of wine tastings with John Baldwin (when we met the aforementioned Mrs Beer, superstar) and begun enjoying our time at the Barossa Shiraz Estate. We were doing a good job of having a great time! Today’s post covers the Mengler Hill lookout and sculpture park (yes, really) and one of my favourite lazy lunch experiences – at the gorgeous Charles Melton’s winery.

First up, farm stay breakfast

I’ve just gotta tell you quickly about the excellent supplies that they made available to us as part of our accommodation at Barossa Shiraz Estate. Sadly, I didn’t get a photo of all the loot in the fridge before we got into it, but can tell you there was no risk were going hungry at breakfast time – as we were provided with about 30 eggs, four or five heavy packets of bacon, loads of farm grown tomatoes, two beautiful loaves of bread; various cereals, milk, butter and spreads – as well as coffee, tea, orange and apple juice and more. Whoah! So naturally, we had a big cook up on the barbie and fuelled up for the day.

About one tenth of the breakie provisions we were given! (BYO mushies and local sausages.)

Beautiful roses growing next to our breakfast table at Barossa Shiraz Estate

Lookout! We’re off to Mengler’s Hill

During our winery tour the previous afternoon, John Baldwin had told us about a lookout which was a short drive away and allowed lovely views across the valley. We didn’t have time to visit during our tour with John, but resolved we’d head to the lookout at Mengler Hill on our own time. Fortunately for me, that meant getting to take the the RAV4 for a spin! So we all piled in, programmed the GPS and started our adventure for the day.

Mengler’s Hill is on the road between Angaston and Tanunda and provides a lovely, panoramic view of the wineries and farms in the Barossa Valley region. It also features huge sculptures which were created for the 2008 Barossa International Sculpture Symposium. Pics of some of the sculptures are shown below.

While the view was lovely, I found the sculpture park was a bit strange – in fact, I’m glad I was there with other people, it would have seemed eerie otherwise, I think… I guess if you like a good sculpture, this might be more your sort of thing?

Strange article… Pa walks through a turn-style to get to the sculpture park.
I’m not sure about why a turn-style was required in the middle of nowhere…

Sculptures viewed from Mengler’s Hill lookout

Sculptures viewed from Mengler’s Hill lookout

There were some interesting trees in the sculpture park which afforded Mr L with a photographic opportunity or two.


And other wildlife provided an photographic opportunity or two for me!

Mr L becoming one with a sculpture

I’m sure you can imagine that all the walking around the sculpture park made hungry and thirsty work, so we decided we’d best visit some wineries and head towards Charles Melton’s for lunch.

Lazy lunch at Charles Melton’s winery

I was excited about going for lunch at Charles Melton’s and returning to Krondorf Road in general – as the last time Mr L and I were in the Barossa, we stopped into the various wineries along the road and really loved our time there. Sadly, on that day we didn’t have time to stay for lunch, we’d planned better this time though and a long lunch we would have – after all, it was Nanna G’s birthday the day before and we hadn’t finished celebrating it yet!

We pulled into the driveway, parked under a big tree and none other than Charlie himself was walking in at the same time. There was a notable absence of hounds and we learnt that Axel and Major, the dalmatians we met on our last visit (see below) were having a day off that day and were at home.

So since we had no hound patting duties, we gratefully declined the wine tasting (we were hungry) and pulled up a pew on Charlie’s deck and prepared to eat and drink! First thing was first, to get the birthday girl (and supporting party) a glass of something delicious.

Nanna G with a well deserved glass of the Father in Law Shiraz

Awwww – Pa and Nanna G <3<3

Lunch at Charles Melton’s winery is simple, but effective. The boys and I both had a pie – I had the Pewsey Vale beef pie and Pa and Mr L both had the Hutton Vale Lamb Pie. They were all delicious. Nanna G chose the roast pumpkin and vegetable tart, which I sadly did not get a photo of (we were all so hungry that I took a few quick snaps and then tucked in) though I can tell you that it went down a treat.

Pewsey Vale Beef Pie served with Maggie Beer’s Cabernet sauce, local salad greens dressed
with Maggie Beer’s Vino Cotto and locally produced red capsicum

The inside of my pie (mmmmmmmmmm!) with Pa’s pie in the background

So after a longish lunch, we did succumb to wine tasting around the magnificent table at Charles Melton’s cellar door. I’m afraid our credit card has only just recovered. (Sob!)

Pa, looking at home at Charlie’s big table

Moving on – Lyndoch Bakery and running in the vines

We moved onto Rockford (just down Krondorf Road) where we continued to taste and spend before heading back into Lyndoch to get supplies for dinner. One notable stop was at the Lyndoch Bakery where we discovered a number of delicious baked items. We picked up some bread and noted their impressive pie selection.

No caption required!

The extensive pie selection

We headed back to our accommodation and spent the rest of the afternoon running through the vineyard singing “run, rabbit, run”, laughing a lot and admiring our surroundings. All in all, this was a pretty terrific day.

The little blue figure in the background is Mr L, running down between the wines


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