It’s a brand new year!

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Well hello there!  Hello to 2013.  Hello to new resolutions.  Hello to reinvigorated motivation and a feeling of excitement.  I have the feeling that this year is going to be a great one!

It’s been a while since we last spoke.  So I’m going to fill you in on the biggest change that has happened in the world of My favourite fruits since then and some insights garnered in 2012.

Drum roll…..

Mr L and I completed our best ever baking project – the result?
Ta daaaaaah: Baby Bear!

Introducing Baby Bear

Baby Bear, the newest addition to our fruit bowl

No – we didn’t have a man child, he was born in late 2011, but as I was preoccupied with being pregnant, working, studying, then having a baby, learning how to feed him, adjusting to being a Mum, and other things with friends and family that make up life, I kind of stopped blogging…  It was recently, when I was talking to a colleague about this blog that I realised in fact, this recent hiatus had been far too lengthy.  So once again, with the force of 2013 driving the charge, I am strapping on my figurative chaps and leaping back on this unbridled horse!  I learnt a few things in 2012, and thought I’d share them with you before we get into the food blogging for the year.


People are kind

With the addition of Baby Bear to our fruity little family bowl, our family dynamic has of course changed, but for the better.  He’s got this beguiling charm that unlocks hearts in the most unlikely of candidates.  No doubt at least 50% of the people that have struck up a conversation since his arrival, wouldn’t have done so if not for him.  Having a baby has helped me rediscover that most people are kind.

In the past year, we have travelled a lot. To Singapore and Vietnam (twice), Melbourne, Brisbane and Cairns.  Heaven knows how many air miles we’ve clocked up.  On several of those flights, it was just Baby Bear and me travelling while Mr L was earning our bread.  I should know better, but in several cases, I significantly overpacked.   I was weighed down and didn’t have enough arms to manage all of our stuff.  Time after time, kind, caring and selfless people helped me – despite being in a rush to get to their own destination.  It happened again just recently.  We were about to get off a train in Sydney at a station with stairs leading up from the platform.  Two young girls helped me carry the pram (holding Baby Bear) up several flights of stairs and made sure we were okay before heading on their way.  It was about 35 degrees C outside.  I am still grateful.

Sugar cane in Cairns

Sugar cane in Cairns


The simplest things are often the best

Mr L and I do enjoy the finer things.  We’ve managed to keep doing that and enjoyed some amazing meals and experiences during 2012. Notable dinners included Guillame’s at Benelong (Sydney), Nunu in Palm Cove (Northern Queensland), Baby in Richmond (Melbourne), Bobby Chins and the amazing Intercontinental Hotel lunch buffet in (Ho Chi Minh City.)  That said, Baby Bear has really reinforced that old adage, “home is where the heart is”.   While we do love going out, or having a great, big night with friends and family, we’ve been having just as much fun sitting on our balcony, overlooking beautiful Sydney harbour and enjoying the fruits of our kitchen – or making music at home.

Making music at home

Making music at home (badly!)


Life is important.  So get on with it.

This is a message for me.  I’ve been reminded too many times in my relatively short time about the fragility of life.  I have received another reminder in this year just passed.  What that means for me is that I must get on with doing things, instead of thinking about doing them.  I must strive to achieve my goals, support my amazing friends and family while enjoying all the sacred time I get to spend with them, and work hard to improve myself – mentally, physically, financially, spiritually, fruitfully.  So that is my plan.



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