Mango-orange-lime-coconut popsicles, endorsed by Morris

I’m ultra pleased to have an icy, sweet treat for you tonight – mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, popsicles! They’re so good that Morris, our trusty messenger horse, put his hoof up to endorse them. So thanks to you Morris – here we go with the recipe for mango-orange-lime-coconut popsicles – they are a flavour sensation!


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Popsicles and slurpees

Last night I mentioned that I was working on a delish mango-lime ice cream recipe and said I’d post it tonight… Sadly, that’s not happening because I just wasn’t happy with the outcome – so it’s back to the drawing board on that one, but I can tell you I’m excited about the consolation prize – fantastic mango-lime-orange popsicles – which are sitting in the freezer right now chilling out (pardon the pun!) Stay tuned for the recipe and pics tomorrow night. In the mean time… have you seen this?

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Recon blog.. 1st post-Greece post: off to the Royal Olympic in Athens!

Well I promised…

So you know how I said I’d start weaving posts from our 2010 O/S travels in with new posts? Well – since I’m waiting for a super delish mango-lime ice cream to freeze, I’ve decided to publish the blog that should have gone up on 28 July last year, when Mr L and I travelled from London to Athens for a mind blowing night, sitting behind the Temple of Zeus (OMG!) and looking up to the Parthenon from our balcony (really!); eating amazing Greek food and catching up with wonderful old friends. So here we go…

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Cupboard contents loaf – Friday night bake!

What a crazy week, huh? I’m so glad to know that things have calmed down in Brisbane; but sad to hear floods are gearing up in Tasmania and Victoria and other parts of Queensland. Hoping that people take care and stay safe through this hectic weather.

Tonight’s post is custom made for those of you who are stuck inside at home, with essentials in the cupboard and are bored. It’s a cheeky little sweet loaf, made using what you’ve got. If you don’t have what I’ve used, you can substitute with what you have on hand. For example, if you don’t have dried cranberries, you could use sultanas or another dried fruit. Or you could omit the dried fruit altogether and whack in some chopped up bits of apple or other fruit you need to get rid of. Instead of using walnuts, you could use almonds or any other nut you prefer. My loaf contains cranberries, sultanas and walnuts with some pantry staples. As I type this first part of this post, it’s rising and smells amazing!

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Supporting people in floods, now and later

Big ups to all those people in Queensland and outside of it who have thrown their hands up to volunteer. You guys rock. It’s amazing to see communities everywhere pull together and look after one another. I’m sure that spirit will need to be kept up over the coming months while Queensland recovers from the current floods. If you can volunteer and haven’t, register online through

Here’s hoping that you and your families and friends are safe. For those of us who are so lucky to have been unaffected by this horrendous flooding, get ready to support your Queensland cousins – they’re going to need a lot of support while they rebuild their lives.

Below is another update from Brisbane’s Lord Mayor, Campbell Newman. Hopefully it’s of use to you or someone you know.

BTW – I know this is a food blog.. will return to talking about food shortly.

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Water, water everywhere

Man oh man. I don’t know about you, but for me, this week has become all the more surreal. Like many Australians I’ve been glued to the internet and social media coverage of the Queensland flood situation today. I hear also that Victoria is experiencing flash flooding as is New South Wales – and Tasmania is reportedly set to flood too. What the heck? So I thought I’d add information from Brisbane’s Lord Mayor, Campbell Newman that I’ve just received in case it helps you or a loved one. I’ll also share some pics taken close to my office in Brisbane. I heard around 3pm that up to level two of our building was standing in water. We’re on level three. Far out.

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Trouble concentrating and thinking of Queensland

I had planned to write a post today about a healthy new year roast chicken dish, but well, my mind has been overrun by concern for friends and colleagues in Brisbane who are being affected by extraordinarily horrible floods. In my day job, I work for a company whose head office is in Brisbane and I’ve spent approximately half my life there in the past two years. Today, the office was closed due to risk of flooding and when colleagues were leaving before lunch time, the water was knee high. So this post is devoted to the floods in Queensland; how you can find information on the situation at hand and how you can assist.

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