On this page you’ll find recipes that are published through the My Favourite Fruits blog.  Most often, the recipes will come from other sources, but we reference them as often as we can.  Thanks to all those who have (knowingly or not!) contributed to our cooking adventures!

Gluten free, Friday night pork tacos
The other night in Woolworths, I was kind of loitering in the Asian food aisle, trying to absorb some dinner inspiration when I happened across Select brand’s “Authentic Mexican Corn Tortillas.”  Ding!  (Lightbulb moment.)  I decreed (to myself and the bag of tortillas – we were the only two who cared) that Mr L and I would have soft shell tacos at some point this week!

Mango-orange-lime-coconut popsicles, endorsed by Morris
These sweet, icy popsicles are so good that Morris, our trusty messenger horse, put his hoof up to endorse them.  So thanks to you Morris – here we go with the recipe for mango-orange-lime-coconut popsicles – they are a flavour sensation!

Cupboard contents loaf – Friday night bake!
Tonight’s post is custom made for those of you who are stuck inside at home, with essentials in the cupboard and are bored. It’s a cheeky little sweet loaf, made using what you’ve got. If you don’t have what I’ve used, you can substitute with what you have on hand. For example, if you don’t have dried cranberries, you could use sultanas or another dried fruit. Or you could omit the dried fruit altogether and whack in some chopped up bits of apple or other fruit you need to get rid of. Instead of using walnuts, you could use almonds or any other nut you prefer. My loaf contains cranberries, sultanas and walnuts with some pantry staples. As I type this first part of this post, it’s rising and smells amazing!

Unexpectedly brilliant garlic-prawn pasta
So we’re back and though I haven’t yet uploaded more blogs from our trip, I promise I’m going to. This week I’m in Brissie and away from my Mac (which is the custodian of all my food photography), but I was itching to say hello and share this garlic prawn pasta recipe with you because it surprised both Mr L and me with its brilliance! So forgive the break in transmission between travel posts, but for now, I’d urge you to give this recipe a go and then let me know what you think of it!

Nut roast – one of the most surprisingly good roasts ever!
I’ll definitely be making a nut roast when I get back to Australia as I really loved the one I had in Notting Hill. I’ve included a recipe here that I found through Googling – it’s a vegan version and you could probably use gluten free breadcrumbs, flour and stock if that’s your preference. The recipe below sourced from Veg World and was originally one of Rose Elliot’s recipes.

No cook chocolate-orange tart – Mother’s Day special
It’s been a busy weekend, filled with celebrations – a few for Mother’s Day and a big one for our best mate Commando, who had a great birthday yesterday.  We’ve just got home and there’s been no time to blog in the mean time, but hopefully the wait was worth it, for tonight’s post is a creamy, fudgey, decadent, no cook chocolate-orange tart.  The filling in this tart is so gooey and rich, you could consider making the filling, chilling it and serving it as a chocolate jaffa mousse.  Sound good?  Check the pictures!

Steve Manfredi’s toasted banana and almond bread
I’ve just flown back in the door after a whirlwind tour to Brissie and back today – have been up since the threes (yes, you read that right) and my ambitions of actually baking Steve Manfredi’s toasted banana and almond bread tonight have unfortunately, been quashed… That doesn’t mean I can’t share the recipe with you though.  I will make it, since I do have several 30 g servings of Aldi almonds to get through, and as we’re nudging our way towards winter, feel like some warm, sweet bread.  I’ll make mine with gluten free flour and will post the outcomes in due course.  In the mean time, words and picture in this recipe all courtesy of

Travellers’ tricks – cooking while travelling
This week I’m in Brisbane.  It’s easy to get caught up with eating badly (and working late), but I’ve been determined to cook my dinners while away this week.  A simple concept, right?  In fact, cooking while travelling is difficult, since (unless travelling with one’s whole pantry), it’s hard to produce tasty meals with limited time and ingredients.  And in my case, ingredients that are gluten free.  This post is the start of a series to inspire fellow regular travellers to cook, rather than order room service – to conserve their wastelines and improve the health of their wallets.  Tonight’s recipe: garlic prawn and veggie stirfry with rice – is no mess, no fuss, no gluten and good for health.  And what’s more, it takes less than 10 minutes to make, so it’s faster than delivery!

Karen Martini’s Persian Roasted Chicken with Hazelnuts and Saffron
This post follows on from Monday and last night’s blogs.  The hazelnuts in this recipe bring an amazing dimension to it – roasty nutty flavour and serious crunch.  And the Persian flavours remind me fondly of friends B + B!  If you’re looking for a variation on your favourite chicken recipe or want to serve something a bit different to guests, consider this dish.  If you’re nuts for nuts – this, you should try this dish!

Thai red duck curry – thanks to magical MIL, fantastic FIL and Karen Martini
Well – how lucky am I?  And you too, really?  Why?  Thanks to my magical MIL and fantastic FIL I now have both the first Thai red duck curry and the Persian chicken recipes from last night’s blog in my hot little hand.  Tonight, I’ll share the red duck curry recipe with you.  Originally – it comes from Australian chef, Karen Martini.  If you like to cook – make it.  It’s one of the best Thai red duck curries I’ve had!

A gorgeous gluten free quiche!
This quiche isn’t just any old wheat laden wonder – this quiche, dear friends, is one hundred percent, bona fide, gluten free and two thousand percent tasty!

A fabulously hearty breakfast for the wheat wary
Most mornings I love eating fresh fruit for breakfast, but sometimes (generally after a “bad ice cube” has been slipped into my wine), I don’t feel satisfied unless I have something a bit more wholesome than fruit!

This omelette is a great breakfast for the wheat wary as it contains no wheat, no gluten and can easily be made without dairy.  It’s especially awesome on a cold morning or weekend.

The best chocolate praline tart
Well, dear reader, do proceed without fear or trepidation, for I don’t expect you’ll be feeling anything less than looooove for this delicios, smooth, velety, very adult, and darkly decadent triple chocolate, praline tart.  Originally published by Gourmet Traveller, my mother in law (Lady Flaxalot!) made this particular, palatable pudding one Saturday night.

Cholesterol lowering flaxseed
Muffins and foccacias made of flax are an excellent way to lower one’s cholesterol.  For those who don’t eat wheat, flax is also a good alternative to gluten free flour as it’s tasty and fairly light in comparison with some flours.  Thanks to magical MIL for this one!


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