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Volunteering to assist with Queensland flood recovery

I received another update from Brisbane Lord Mayor, Campbell Newman overnight which provides some terrific info on how to go about volunteering for those wishing to assist with clean up efforts after the Queensland floods. I’ve pasted Campbell’s message below for your info – it also emphasises the importance of being safe around fire hazards – of which there are many, with all the compromised electrical circuits around the place.


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Shiny disco balls (and request for an extension)

Well it’s been a trying 36 hours. I’ve travelled from Sydney to Adelaide and now to Brisbane and have just got in tonight. My computer died, my mobile died and I couldn’t find a charger at Adelaide airport. So I’d promised to write the bumper review of Saturday night’s PC birthday dinner, but I’ve been out of computer juice, and now have run out of fruit loop juice, so am sheepishly requesting an extension. I promise to write the review tomorrow – have cancelled plans and will write, then snooze! In the mean time….

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Remembering our soldiers on ANZAC Day eve

Mr L and I met my friend Cassie in the Rocks today. While there, I took the following picture of a sandstone soldier carving. Though it’s of a soldier from Australia’s settlement period, it seemed fitting since ANZAC Day is tomorrow. I’ve been remembering my two grandfathers who both served their countries in world war two – as did many other men and women. I’ve also been thinking of the cab driver in Brisbane this week who told me that he’d been left for dead with two bullets in his chest in the Vietnam War. He was so glad to be alive – there was a spring in his voice seldom heard while people rush about their days, barely stopping to remember their manners in the street, or acknowledge others. This post has one purpose – to remember those who have gone to wars – whether by choice or not.

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Qantas goodness, part II

This (very quick) post is a follow up to the post from a couple of weeks ago named “A nod to finer Qantas moments.” This afternoon I flew back to Sydney from Brisbane and the afternoon snack was a packet of Carman’s Savoury Mixed Blend. I spent some time trying to determine whether this product is wheat or gluten free. I’m still unsure, but I think it’s free of wheat since it’s not pointed out on the ingredients list. In any case, I gave Carman’s Savoury Mixed Blend a burl and can confirm that I rate it. Except for the fact that there are no sultanas, the mix reminds me very much of Bhuja mix – a favourite of mine and a particularly good friend to an icy cold beer.

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Travellers’ tricks – cooking while travelling

This week I’m in Brisbane. While it’s easy to get caught up with eating badly (and working late), I determined to cook my dinners while away this week. A simple concept, right? In fact, cooking while travelling is difficult, since (unless travelling with one’s whole pantry), it’s important to be able to produce tasty meals with limited ingredients. And in my case, ingredients that are gluten free. This post is the start of a series to inspire fellow regular travellers to cook, rather than order room service – to conserve their wastelines and improve the health of their wallets. Tonight’s recipe: garlic prawn and veggie stirfry with rice – is no mess, no fuss, no gluten and good for health. And what’s more, it takes less than 10 minutes to make, so it’s faster than delivery!

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